Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


Before the booking tool, always show elements in blue. Now elements are shown based on the color of select on Settings > General > Brand Color.
We fixed a bug that prevented our system from log analytics data related to the Entry points link on WhatsApp and SMS. The bug was not affecting other channels.
Now it is possible to rename and change the account logo. Before you have to contact our support to change your account name or logo.
Many times you may want to send a custom email to multiple recipients like admins, but before,
you have to duplicate the email step for each recipient you wish to send the email to.
Now you can easily send an email step to multiple recipients by separating various emails by comma.
We made many important updates to the Facebook/Instagram comment automation to allow businesses to better manage customer comments on their accounts. We drastically improved the user experience while we made this feature must more powerful.
1 - Now, you can public reply with a flow. This will allow you to use any integrations or actions available on the flow builder. For example, now you could use OpenAI or Dialogflow to publicly reply to user comments.
2 - Now, you can select up to 60 posts for comment automation on specific posts. Before, you could choose only a single post or allow comments on all posts, imagine if you want to enable the same comment tool in 30 posts, before you need to create 30 comment automation.
3 - The process of selecting posts is now 10x better. Now you can even choose a specific reel, see images and videos of the posts …
Now businesses can allow customers to apply coupon codes at the checkout page. Before, it was only possible to apply coupon codes inside the bot.
Now our booking tool supports the Hebrew language.
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