User management tool on Whitelabel.
Now you can easily manage the users that use your Whitelabel.
Until today, it wasn't possible to easily know who is using your Whitelabel. Now you have access to a new user management tool on your Whitelabel that provide important information like their personal data, their usage of the system, and the account they create. You can even block a user now on your Whitelabel.
Check if a conversation is handled by a human using a condition
Before, it was not easily possible to check if a conversation was handled by a human using automation.
Sometimes you may not want to a Sequence or Wait to send a message if the conversation is currently handled by a human to avoid the bot sending a message to the user in the middle of a conversation on live chat.
The Google Business Message link was improved.
Before you have two links for your GBM bot. A link for Android devices and a link for IOS devices.
Now you have a single link that works for both Android and IOS devices.
Fixed ongoing tying on Android devices.
We noted that the typing indicator is visible for a long period after the message was sent, even if the bot has no message to send.
Now we force the Messenger app to hide the typing indicator.
Add Reconnect button for WhatsApp Cloud API
Before, if you have a problem with your WhatsApp bot (cloud API), you will need to disconnect and connect to the WhatsApp channel.
Now you can just reconnect your WhatsApp channel.
Fixed the account deletion process if the account doesn't have a Messenger channel.
Before, when you tried to delete an account from Chatrace, the platform always tried to check if you were an admin of the Facebook page. But since if you don't have a Messenger channel, it means there is no Facebook page connected to your account, and you were not able to delete your account from our platform.
The Create Contact API returns the existing contact if the contact already exists.
The create contact API now returns the existing contact if the contact already exists.
We saw that many customers are creating WhatsApp and SMS contacts and immediately send a message using API. But the problem is that if the contact already exists, the API returns an error. The admin must always check if the contact exists before creating the contact.
Now you only need to create the contact, and if the contact exists, the API returns the existing contact. We added a new field, "contact_created" to allow you if the contact was created or an existing contact was returned.
Send notifications when your bot receives a new message
Now, if a conversation is handled by a human and the user sends a message when no admin is using the inbox, the platform sends a notification to all admins that enabled to receive new message notifications.
With this update, you will not miss a single message from your customers again.
Add Web browser as notification channel
Now you can receive Admin notifications, new Order notifications, and new message notifications using the browser push notification.
To enable browser notifications, go to Inbox and click "Enable Notification"
Allow an admin to disable his own notifications regardless of his admin role.
Before you could only disable admin notifications by going to
Settings > Amins
but if an admin isn't a super admin, the admin was not able to disable his own admin notifications.
Now an admin can easily disable admin notification from any bot by going to
My Profile
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